Fluenda at a glance

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Our Company

Established in 2017, Fluenda is a boutique Security and Big Data Consulting crew based in Australia.

With more than 20 years of cyber security experience, our experts have assisted a number of enterprises and government agencies to secure and make better use of their data.

What we do

Fluenda believes in thought leadership... but we believe that in order to lead, thoughts must become concrete. This is why Fluenda has contributed to a number of open source projects, including Apache NiFi, Apache Airflow, BroIDS

In addition, Fluenda has been an active member of interest groups, sharing the experience accumulated around Cyber Security Orchestration, Data Engineering and Analytics with a broad range of peers.

Our skills

  • Apache NiFi 99%

  • Big Data Operations 99%

  • Data Engineering 95%

  • Detection Engineering 95%

  • Charcoal Grilling 100%

Our customers